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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unique dragon tattoo design

But why would you buy a tattoo design online? If you ask me it's all about the preparation that you should do before getting a tattoo. Research is the key to not making the wrong decision or rushed decisions that often lead to regretting your tattoo! Nobody wants that and therefore I advise to do some research first.
A nice thing about getting designs off the internet is that you can first think about what kind of tattoo you want.
Thinking a while about the tattoo you would like to have most of the times has got a good outcome! Tattoos have different meanings, this way you can also check out if you like the meaning behind it or not.

You buy tattoo designs online, print out the printable tattoo designs you like the most, take them to your favourite tattoo artist and even then you can give it a twist to make the design unique to your taste. This way of getting a tattoo with all the research before, you are less likely to ever regret the tattoo!

Chinese Tattoo Design - Chinese dragon tattoofor girls

Tattoo Greek Be Careful To Choose

There are few tattoo designs which are unusual and exclusive. Out of all these designs tattoo Greek designs are one of the best designs to be carved on the body. Basically, Greek language is a very old language and has been coming from B.C in Europe. Nobody can deny the fact that it is the easiest language which can be learnt easily. Different people take this language in a unique way. Some people are there who like to speak Greek language. While on the other hand, some people like to have it on their bodies. You will be amazed how?

Greek tattoo designs are very much in demand because it gives attractive look to the body. People want to have it because tattoos Greek have special quality to make the body prominent. Whenever you search the web for choosing Greek tattoo designs, you should be careful while doing the research work. It happens sometimes that some people choose a tattoo design but that design doesn’t belong to an authentic website and you make the big mistake on your body. What will you do then? This is the situation when you get on lots of regrets in the mind because this tattoo design will be longed forever.

Whenever you want to choose any Greek tattoo, you should choose it by making lots of research work. Make sure that the phrases and words, which you are using for your body, are correct and are having exact spellings. You should always be careful while carving the full and exact spellings because you can be caught by those people who know this language. There are several people in this world who are very crazy about this language and when they see that other people have taken this language in a wrong sense or carving the wrong spellings on the body then they get angry and say crap to these people.

There are different kind of people who know about Greek language and can recognize tattoo Greek at once. Few people are those whose native language is Greek language and they have full command on it. There are some people who are scholars and know the depth of the Greek language and can recognize those people very well who have carved Greek tattoo designs on their bodies. Some people speak in English but their first priority is to speak in Greek. All these kinds of people know about Greek language in well manner so whenever you seek for any Greek tattoo design, you should be sure about that tattoo.

When it comes to know which tattoos Greek would look great, you should be very choosy about it. You can go for carving the Greek pictures which provide ancient look while on the other side, you can choose any appealing phrases and words. If you like any phrase in English then you can convert it into Greek which would provide supreme look to your body. Whatever, tattoo design you select for your body, you should choose it carefully and without making any mistake. Mind it!

John Winter with dragon tattoo design

Japanese phoenix tattoo design

Wholesale - American flag butterfly tattoo hot sale

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Best Stargazer Lilies Tattoo design

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love in heart tattoo women

Sailor Tattoos design for women in back body

Early sailors would sometimes report seeing mermaids after long voyages at sea. This was no doubt an illusion brought on by fatigue and poor nutrition but nonetheless a vision that often left a lasting impression. Over time more and more sailors started getting these tattoos. Typically on their forearm and sometimes in combination with an anchor or other nautical themes.

Most of the stories associated with any relationship between man or sailor and a mermaid typically end in bad news and often death for the sailor. It was believed that mermaids and sirens often sat on the rocks combing their long flowing hair and signing. They would potentially lure in a whole ship of sailors with their beautiful song until their boat crashed into the rocks.

The New Mermaid Tattoos V

The New Mermaid Tattoos VI

The New Mermaid Tattoos IV

The New Mermaid Tattoos III

The New Mermaid Tattoos II

The New Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaids have a long history in Western and even Japanese culture. They can be traced back to various ancient cultures that lived close to the ocean. For example the ancient Greeks and Romans both have a deep mythology and stories about mermaids and other sea sirens and creatures. The Greeks believe that these half women half sea creatures would wait on the rocks combing their long flowing hair and try to capture the wayward sailor with their beautiful song. It was believed that their voices were so enticing and beautiful that they could easily draw a man into their clutches with just their voice.

Jesus tattoo modern dot matrix

Nice modern tattoo design for sexy women

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tattoo Socks

Ladies, if you've ever thought it would be cool to get a tattoo on your legs but couldn’t decide between something funky or something pretty then you've got to check out Tattoo Socks. These pantyhose are made to blend naturally with your skin tone and feature amazing printed tattoo designs so you can change your ink more often then you change your hair. Some of the designs include sexy branches, butterflies and even a "follow me" twitter inspired design that's sure to turn heads and inspire retweets.

sleeve tattoo for girl with 3D design tattoo

Back Tattoo Gallery

Shoulder Tattoo Flash Gallery

Female Tattoo Gallery

Heart Tattoo design

Works of body art

This funky chick design incorporates loads of colour into the design. Tattoos can be self-designed, inspired from any source, or simply chosen from design books.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gothic tattoo design Fallen Angel or sexy angel

red skull zipper tattoo

Sun Tattoos Picture

Winner Of The Deer Tattoo Photo Contest

Since May, Field & Stream magazine had been gathering reader shots of bucks and does forever inked on skin for their deer tattoo photo contest. After much debate, they picked this one for the winner. John G. Fedish, the winner of the contest won a Leatherman Surge muti-tool for sending this shot of some impressive ink. He said it was the best buck he has ever taken and he just wanted it tattooed on his arm. He said he just described the last few moment he saw the deer before he harvested it and the artist captured it beautifully

Angel devil tattoo design

Angel tattoos are great becuase they can be used by both men and women and can vary between sweet cherub angels to more menacing designs of guardian angel tattoo that are often done in black and white. It is also very common for people to get angel tattoos as a memorial of a loved one who has passed.

Tree tattoo design in back women

When deciding on what designs to go for, take your time and don't pressure yourself. Make it a fun and memorable journey. The more planning and time you devote into it, the more it will be meaningful for you in the long run. Just remember that whatever designs you go for, make sure that its something that you will love and can live with for the rest of your life. After all, its your tattoo and you should be the now you should be happy about it.

Draw out your ideas from magazines and tattoo galleries online. There are literally thousands of images that you can find online. Check out the photos and see what other people have for their back tattoos. Just make sure you don't copy their designs as you would want to be unique as much as possible with your back tattoos.

Work with a reputable tattoo artist. A lot of them do freehand or custom design just for you. You can talk with them about the type of tat theme you want to go for and he can help you in conceptualizing one. Try to stay away from flash images in the tattoo studio as you would not want to have an ink that has been used a lot of times already.

How to Choose Back Tattoo Designs

Decide on the exact plament of your back tattoos. Will it be on your upper back, lower back or whole back. This will enable you to decide on the shape and style of the design that you will go for as you can make it symmetrical to the body area that you will go for. If its on your upper or lower back, you can go from small to medium tats. If you want intricate and detailed designs with lots of elements, you might want to go for a full back design.

Choose a design that has meaning to you. Do you have a believe or philosophy in life that you live by? Maybe you can express it through quotes which will look great on any part of your back as script tattoos. Or you can represent it through symbols. Have you been through at tough time in your life and you just want to be strong and move in. Why not go for koi fish, lotus or cherry blossoms? These symbols have very meaningful connotations attached to them. You can also show your personality through the elements associated with your zodia signs or you might want to honor a loved one who passed away. Tattoo imagery such as angels, cross or flowers can be fitting for this type of theme.

Back Tattoo Designs - Tips and Ideas 74

Deciding on back tattoo designs can be a thorough process since this is a body canvas that is flat, smooth and large so the possibilities for an amazing body art are endless. With tattoos being permanent, you have to make sure that its a design that you wil really love and be proud of for the rest of your life. This article will discuss some tips and ideas in choosing designs for your back tattoos.

Best tattoo back tribal tattoo for man