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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Realistic heart tattooos for girl

Realistic Heart. The realistic heart is kind of what it says. Typically a tattoo that is more attractive to men but these days women are getting realistic heart tattoos also. Flaming Heart And Sacred Hearts. The sacred heart as a symbols came from Catholicism and from the image of the burning heart of Jesus. Pierced Heart. The pierced heart is usually a symbol for a lost loved or a person that has been hurt in love. Sometimes people will choose a symbolic object to pierce the heart. Tribal Heart. Tribal heart designs can take on a variety of forms. Sometimes you will even see the whole heart has been done as a tribal design meaning the black tribal lines form the heart. Lock And Key Heart. Another common heart tattoo is the lock and key heart. The heart typically has a small keyhole with it. Whatever heart design you might choose there are a lot of options out there. In some way the heart tattoo is thought of to be a more girl tattoo design.

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