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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rosary tattoo picture

Rosary tattoo picture

Here’s a person with one of those rosary tattoos that appears almost as if the person was wearing a real rosary on their arm. After all that is what you would think if you saw this one from just a ten or so feet away. At first glance you would assume it was a real rosary and only with a closer look would your realize that his person was actually wearing nothing more than some ink on their skin.

This is one of rosary tattoos that has what would be the beads of the rosary wrapped around this persons arm two times which really gives the illusion of it being a real rosary holding up its cross. But the cross is just a bit out of place, being a Celtic type of iron cross it is not one you would usually see on a rosary but I certainly imagine it could be. I know very little about organized religion so I can’t answer those things. What I do know is seeing that type of cross on a rosary is uncommon, that’s all. Is you ever think of getting one of these rosary tattoos just pick one that matches a rosary you would carry and you can’t go wrong.

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