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Sunday, March 21, 2010


“[This is] one of my favorites that I’ve been able to do. [Nick] actually originally wanted it on his shin, but I said, ‘Dude, that needs to be done big! As big as I can get it!’ So we decided to do it on his side. After we were already a good ways into it, I couldn’t find the actual picture I used to start it, so I had to freehand based on a little three-by-four. It took about 21 hours to get where it is now, but there’s still a little more I want to add to it. I’ve been tattooing for seven years and I’m self-taught—I’ve had good advice from a couple of people, but that’s about it. I thank God. It’s a talent, you know? I’d been an artist before tattooing, and I came from that kind of background. My mom did oil painting here and there, and I did sign painting. Tattooing is more of a challenge, though. You’ve got to be good; it’s something that you’re doing permanently.”

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