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Monday, March 22, 2010

Daring and Awe-inspiring Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger tattoos are one of the animal tattoo patterns that are highly preferred due to their strong visual appeal and dominant symbolism. Making these tiger tattoo designs even more interesting are different combination images that enhance the beauty of the tattoo.

Tattoo art is creative work that not only adorns skin but also serves as medium of expression. Tattoo patrons keep hunting for diverse tattoo patterns that are not only appealing but also convey something meaningful. Hence, tattoos with powerful symbolisms are highly preferred by tattoo enthusiasts. Tiger tattoo designs are one of the tattoo artworks that have immensely become popular due to their strong symbolism that is derived from the attributes of a tiger, the king of the jungle.

Tiger tattoos representing “King of Beasts” is considered as a symbol of raw power and authority. People who are courageous, authoritative and do not easily give up, are the ones who can use tiger tattoos for representing their valiant personality traits. Sharing several aspects with a lion tattoo, these tiger tattoo patterns are highly popular in Asian countries. A perfect blend of strength and beauty, tiger tattoos are often associated with following symbolic meanings:

  • Power and pride
  • Cruelty and aggression
  • Passion and courage
  • Beauty and sensuality

Tiger images have been used in different cultures for different purposes. For instance, it has been used to ward off evils spirit, to punish sinners, to show authority, to bring good luck etc.

Tiger tattoos can be presented in varied styles and stances, depending upon the preference of an individual. You can opt for prowling tiger image or lounging image in the sun. One of the appealing representations of tiger pattern is to show the tiger image finely merging in with the darkness of the night sky or brightness of a hot sun. Moreover, you can also try out different images in combination with the tiger tattoos.

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