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Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Tattoo Flash Art - Finding Quality and Printable Designs of Tattoos

Tattoo flash are images that are pre-drawn or created by tattoo artists and put as displays on the walls of studios or filed in binders to serve as reference for clients looking for ideas and designs for their tats. The traditional flash are hand-drawn on a piece of paper or cardboard, mass produced usually for rapid tattooing.

Examples of traditional flash are designs such as pinup girls, anchor, eagle, heart, dragon and rose tattoos. Those were the early, old school types of tat images that were displayed on the walls of shops which were convenient for those looking to get tattooed. They were drawings that are not complicated and can easily be inked on the chosen body part in one seating.

Nowadays, a lot of these hand drawn tattoo flash are being replaced by works done by professional flash artists who produce them through computer software and sell them on the internet or in conventions. If you Google tattoo designs online, you can be faced with tons of choices which can actually be overwhelming. However, sad to say, a lot of these search results are of low and poor quality especially the free ones. A lot of them are the cookie cutter types that have been used by thousand others; you would not want that, do you?

If you want quality flash tattoos, you can find them on the internet. Disregard the free ones as they aren't any great. Read reviews about the top galleries online and take your pick depending on what your needs are. Just keep an open mind and be precise on what you really want and soon your search will be over for that perfect tattoo designs that you have been dreaming of.

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