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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Score One for the Good Guys

Bad guys better watch your step – and think twice about getting a tattoo of your name – or other distinct body art if you plan to break the law. Your body art may be your downfall.
Michigan State University researchers developed the technology. It enables them to easily identify suspects based on a new tattoo-matching program.

Tattoo ID is what the technology is called. Police agencies and related groups of the law enforcement variety are very interested in this tool that should help them do their job. 36% of people from 18-25 and 40 percent of those 26-40 sport some type of body art and the percentages are growing all the time. This percentage goes up if you’re talking about gang members and other assorted bad guys and riff raff.

Michigan University is working with the Michigan police and their database of tattoos to fine tune the system and improve it’s matching capability.

If a witness or a camera catches a glimpse of a tattoo it may help the cops identify and find the bad guy or come up with a list of possible suspects. This story reminds me of another where a man was caught because of the tattoo of his nickname he had sprawled across his knuckles. The guy he beat with those knuckles noticed – duh – and made it easy to track “Caveman” down.

By the way the picture is of a Russian prisoner and the tattoo work – back in the old days.

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